Product Descriptions:

Q Care’s Needle Elimination System 103

The Q 103 safely destroys contaminated needles. This lightweight, portable system instantly heats, cuts and locks used syringe needles and safely stores the contaminated needle into a sealed unit.

Features & Benefits:

  • No odors
  • Holds 5,000 used needles
  • Just 2¢  per injection to operate
  • Compact, hand-held portable unit
  • 3-Year disposal capacity
  • 4.8 Volt DC rechargeable battery included
  • Flashing LED light indicated time to recharge
  • Dispose in any trash container according to local waste disposal guidelines

The Q 103 is perfect for health care professionals, caregivers and even public safety workers. It is AC/DC powered and it is designed to fit easily into a handbag, car glove compartment or nightstand drawer.  Most of all, it is a safe and convenient product that helps in preventing potential syringe needle injuries.

Q 104 – Needle Removal & Disposal System

A portable, compact table-top design that provides a secure disposal method for hypodermic needles. Provides medical facilities a safe, convenient and cost-effective way to dispose needles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stores up to 250 needles
  • One-handed technique for needle disposal
  • Easy, cost-saving disposal
  • Rechargeable battery 7.2 volt DC
  • Reusable base
  • Holds needles up to 3″ long, 30 to 19 gauge

The Q 104 also has a disposable cartridge containing needles.